Modern building managing WAY

Modern building and managing WAY

The modern house-or TRAIL administration includes a variety of services. The list of tasks to be agreed (see sample catalog as a PDF download) is composed of two different types of management together: First, the commercial management…

  • Acquisitions and Management Association of the rent / housing benefits of (on behalf of / the owner)
  • reminder for by defaulting tenants / co-owners
  • regular billing at agreed intervals to the / the owner (s)
  • Preparation of annual maintenance fees or housing benefit accounts
  • pay costs incurred
  • ordering and paying for utilities (waste, electricity, water, etc.)
  • Testing of all monetary transactions for accuracy and efficiency (amount of rent is justified, you can take out a cheaper insurance …)
  • Management Accounting
  • and much more…

and secondly, the technical management …

  • Operation and control of facilities (e.g. heating)
  • Control / monitoring of service providers (e.g. cleaning, gardening, etc., but also artisans)
  • Perform maintenance and repair work in coordination with the / the owner (s)
  • Reconstruction measures
  • Property inspections/acceptance and re-letting to avoid vacancy
  • and much more…

From certain regulations commitments may result for a landlord or owner, whose duties will be assumed by the property manager. The legal basis of our work arises from the provisions of § 535 et seq of the Civil Code (BGB) and the residential property law (WEG).

In addition, also one of our tasks is the management of commercial real estate.

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