Legionella review in accordance with the new drinking water regulations

Once adopted by the Federal Council the “First Ordinance amending the drinking water regulations” came into effect on November 1st 2011.
The amendment introduces a new set of definitions eliminating the existing ambiguities, and introducing a so-called technical measure value for Legionella.
This affects all systems with a hot water tank with 400 liter capacity or more or with a line volume of 3 liters in the circulation line.
If these limits are exceeded at the taps in these buildings, this is a criminal offense. The offense meets the owner of the building as the operator of the installation. legal persons must therefore delegate the responsibility for the management of their building to a natural person.
First it has to be considered whether the respective building is affected by the amendment, this should regularly be the case. The result is then to install special outlets as required by the drinking water regulation.
The required samplings have to be carried out on the various points at the same time by specially trained staff (installers). In Berlin for the analysis of drinking water samples only certified laboratories can be assigned that hereinafter send the test results to the responsible health authorities.
When exceeding the limits of technical measures the health authority can instruct the competent, without delay, a documented site visit within 30 days. In this context, a hazard analysis and review must be made as to whether at least the acknowledged rules of technology have been met.
Even if the landlord associations assume the levy capacity of the current inspection fees, it is our opinion to wait, how jurisdiction will decide in this case.